Dice & Such

by Erika in Glasses

Toronto run small business creating handmade dice sets, keychains, and stickers! All sets are one of a kind! Most themes will not be remade once sold out!

Custom orders are available!

Handcrafted Dice Shop

Anyone else pick up a weird hobby during covid? I skipped right over the bread making stage and went right for dice making!

In the fall of 2021 my dining room was turned into a dice factory and small shop office after making a few sets for friends, and getting requests for custom sets.

See more behind the scenes videos and dice pics on TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter! I also stream dice inking on Twitch!


Resin made dice using mica powder/ink and acrylic paint to ink the numbers. Resin cures in a pressure pot (named Bubbles!) for 24 hours before being removed from the molds. Dice sit for 1-2 days before being sanded and polished, then inked and polished again. I don't use anything in my resin that would cause the dice to be uneven, and are great for gameplay!


All my dice are handcrafted and made with resin using silicone molds that I made myself. Colours may vary slightly from lighting and because they are handmade, I try my best to sand them evenly, but there may still be small imperfections.

Shop Pics

Black Cat laying on the floor

Shop Mascot

Although my logo is my glasses, Martin is the true shop mascot! I'm pretty sure he ate one of my mini polyhedral... He hangs out on Twitch streams, and you can catch some videos of him on the shop TikTok page.

Different Sizes

My dice come in three different sizes:

  • Tiny Polyhedral: 9mm to 13mm
  • Mini D6: 12mm wide
  • Standard D6: 16mm wide
  • Standard Polyhedral: 11mm to 22mm

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